About Dusten from GentleSkinSolutions.com

About Dusten Huebner

I would love to share with you about why I created GentleSkinSolutions.com.

First let me introduce myself, my name is Dusten. I’m a 26 year old dude from Canada that works as an Industrial Electrician in the Oil Patch.

It has been just over six years since I joined the trade, and the whole time I’ve been developing a large information based website to help Electricians all over the world. This website has helped me learn how to build a successful secondary business online.

You are probably wondering why I am talking about all this. It is because I love how people can share their passion and knowledge with the entire globe via the internet and create a secondary income for themselves.

I have created this site to help make life better for both you and for me.

Let me share with you why I went from being a full-time Electrician to an online entrepreneur.

First I'd Like To Explain About How Skin Care Helped Me:

Working as an electrician over the years has made the skin on my hands rough, dry and cracked. This made things difficult for me at work. It came to the point where it was actually painful to pursue daily tasks. I needed to find a solution.

I had tried a few different types of skin care products to help with this but none seemed to work. One day I was shopping in a mall and walked by one of the middle isle kiosks. Like usual I tried to avoid eye contact with the sales rep there, she however was not going to let me just walk by.

She walked right up to me, said “hello sir may I see your hands?” At this point it was very hard to refuse her request. She seen how bad my hands were and pulled me over to the kiosk and said “I have never seen someone’s hands in such rough shape.”

The lady told me to start washing my hands in the sink as she was opening some containers. She put a scoop of salt on my hands and told me to rub them together and then rinse it off. I was amazed at how my hands felt just after rubbing salt on them. She then gave me some moisturizing cream. As soon as I put that on my hands it was like instant relief!

I was sold! What is this stuff I asked?

She told me about the product and how it was a natural and cruelty-free product that really works. I spent about $250 on something I never thought I would have. It was near Valentine’s Day so I thought it would be a good present for the significant other. As soon as I got home I showed it to as many people as I could. Everyone loved it!

This is when I decided that I would like to share a product that has worked for me and for others. Along with sharing this product, I want to share more information on other good skin care products that might help others too.

Why I Chose to Sell Cruelty-Free Skin Products

Recently the price of oil has dropped and it has greatly affected the amount of work I recieved as an Electrician. My income started to drop but my bills remained the same. This forced me to seek more steady employment eleswhere. In doing so I had got offered a job working in a meat processeing factory (EEEEKK, just the fact that it was a meat processing plant gave me the creeps) but I committed to an interview.

The Interview:

It was a three and a half hour drive from my home town to get to this facility. The whole time I could not stop imagining what I was about to see in this place. About 2 minutes away from the plant I began to smell an odd odor in my truck, it grew stronger and stronger as I got closer. Before even going into the facility I wanted to leave, but I told myself “you committed Dusten, go in there and see what it’s about.”

All I’m going to say is that I went in there, saw what I saw and denied the position as an Electrician in their meat factory. It was traumitizing to me, I had never seen anything like it. 135,000 cows were processed a month there. The time I was there for my interview, about 380 cows were killed. This upset me.

Anyways... enough of that. I have taken my love for animals and the results that I’ve experienced using natural skin care products to create this website.

Now that I’ve shared how I got into natural skin care and how it has helped me. Next I’d like to explain how it has created yet another successful secondary business for me and how it could for you too.

How I Want to Help Others in Business

My job as an electrician over the years has given me a great financial income to buy a house, truck and to live a comfortable life. However, it has not created me an income that is free of location. My goal in life is to create income streams that are free of location/time, they are a duplicable systems and can be automated.

While this is a goal in my life, I would also like to share with others so that they can do the same. Everyone has the same opportunity to free themselves from the typical 9-5 job.

Want to join me?

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