Natural Eczema Relief for Your Body

Natural Eczema Relief for Your Body

Natural eczema relief is achievable. You’re tired of itching your way through life, but you don’t want to expose your skin to the chemicals often contained in over-the-counter eczema treatments. Perhaps you’ve already tried a few of those products only to find that they provide little to no relief for your symptoms and no long-term benefits. You may have even tried expensive prescription medications only to find that they don’t work with your budget or don’t deliver the results you expected.

Your Natural Eczema Relief Regime

The solution is to create a daily skin care regime that will help you clear up your current eczema while avoiding future flare ups. You can do this by developing a weekly skin care routine centered on these three products:

  1. Mud Soap
  2. Salt and Oil Scrub
  3. Body Butter

It’s important that you select products made with natural ingredients so that they’re gentle on your skin as well as the environment and animals. While you may pay a bit more for these brands, you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you’re putting on your body and how it will help your skin. You don’t get that reassurance with cheap products purchased at your local drug store, and that’s why many of those products aren’t as effective.

Mud Soap

Mud Soap

This is the best type of soap to use for your entire body. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse the skin affected by eczema daily to eliminate oil, dirt and other pollutants that can irritate the skin. Mud from the Dead Sea is best because it will nourish and hydrate while cleansing your skin gently.

Salt and Oil Scrub

The best product on the market right now is from Seacret™.  This scrub is made from natural ingredients that scrub away dead skin cells and other impurities. You can use it up to two times a week, but it’s only safe to use from the shoulders down. Avoid the most sensitive areas of your skin, including your face.

Body Butter

High-quality body butter will nourish and hydrate your skin to help overcome the dry patches associated with eczema. Seacret™ makes body butter from minerals straight from the Dead Sea, and it also includes cocoa butter and shea butter for extreme hydration. These natural ingredients will help soothe your eczema and prevent excessive drying and scarring of the skin. It’s recommended that you treat your body with this product once or twice a week, and it’s only not intended for the face or other sensitive areas of skin.

Put It All Together

The best results are seen when you use all three of these products on a routine basis. Schedule it into your week, and you may see remarkable improvements in your eczema. If you suffer from eczema on the face, you will need to find products designed specifically for more sensitive facial skin.

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