Comparing Vegan Skin Care Products

Comparing Vegan Skin Care Products

You’re excited that you’ve found more vegan skin care products that use natural ingredients.

This is bound to happen with greater frequency now that more consumers are starting to demand higher-quality products that are made with conscientious, healthy ingredients. Manufacturers are in the business of making money, and that means catering to these demands once they hit a profitable frequency. This is good news for your skin, but it does present a problem.

How do you determine that new product’s place within your daily, weekly and monthly skin care routines? How do you decide whether you want to switch to a new product, stick with products you’ve been using for a longer period of time, or somehow combine brands to create a new and more effective skin care regimen? It gets more and more confusing as you find more products that meet your standards, but there are some things to keep in mind which will make these decisions easier.

Cruelty-Free Practices

This new product uses natural ingredients, but how were those products tested? You may assume that a vegan product doesn’t use animal products or byproducts and therefore doesn’t harm animals, but you still have to question whether the natural ingredients used in the product were tested on animals. Natural doesn’t mean it didn’t harm animals as it was being prepared for the market. If you have two products to choose from, the one that is vegan and cruelty-free is your best option.

The Product vs. Ingredients

You may have found a product that wasn’t tested on animals, but were individual ingredients used to create the product tested on animals? Some ingredients are perhaps natural, but are there other ingredients which are synthetic and potentially hazardous to your health? You have to go beyond studying the product as a whole and start breaking it down to investigate the ingredients used to create the product. This is going to help you weed out some imposters that pose as healthy alternatives when they have dirty secrets.

The Claims vs. the Reality of Vegan Skin Care Products

Natural ingredients are only effective if they are used in the right quantities and for the right purposes. As you research ingredients, make sure there is some scientific evidence backing up the claims made by the manufacturer of your product. You have to match the right ingredients to the outcome you want to experience from using the product.

Brand Loyalty

When it comes down to exchanging one product for another, there are benefits to use products from one brand that are designed to work together. This synergistic quality will deliver better results, and you also get better and better results when you use the same products consistently over a long period of time. Change things up too often, and your results will suffer.

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