Common Skin Care Problems and Solutions

Skin Care Problems

Some common skin care problems are actually caused by products that you purchased to improve your skin, but actually made your skin worse.

You use skin care products because you want to clear up a skin problem or protect your skin from premature signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. While many products do deliver results as expected, some contain harsh chemicals that can worsen skin problems or lead to the development of new problems.

You may actively seek out natural products that aren’t tested on animals, but it’s also wise to look for those that don’t include harsh chemicals that can do more damage than good. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common skin care problems that are caused by harsh chemical ingredients contained in skin care products.

Contact Dermatitis

When an ingredient in a skin care product causes irritation upon contact, you are left with an itchy condition known as contact dermatitis. It may also present redness or a rash wherever the skin came in contact with the ingredient. In most cases, these symptoms go away once you stop using the product and it is completely washed away from the skin.


There is a related condition known as allergic contact dermatitis. The same symptoms may occur, but it’s caused by an allergy to an ingredient in the skin care product. This is less common than standard contact dermatitis.

FD&C color pigments made from coal tar are known to cause skin irritation, and they may also lead to oxygen depletion in the blood or cancer. Fragrances may also cause contact dermatitis in some people, and Quaternium-15 is a known offender as well.

Central Nervous System Disruption

There are many synthetic skin care ingredients proven to interfere with the central nervous system, especially with repeat use over a long period of time. Fragrances are one of the biggest offenders, so don’t assume that skin care products that smell good are safe. Almost all fragrances used in skin care and beauty products are synthetic and can disrupt your body in some manner. Your best solution is to look for products which use natural ingredients to create fragrance.

You may find it difficult to determine whether your skin problems are natural and need treatment or are caused by treatments you’re already applying. If you think it’s possible that a skin care product is making your skin condition worse or causing a negative reaction, stop using it for a week or two. You may also want to research the ingredients or question ingredients hidden in a proprietary formula as they may not only cause visible irritation but may also cause cancer and other diseases.

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