Help Psoriasis Symptoms Disappear with These Tricks

Sometimes you will look for anything to help psoriasis symptoms disappear.

Check Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis riddles your skin with dry, itchy patches that make you want to scratch. Scratching makes the problem worse and can lead to infection. Depending on which areas of your body are affected, this is a condition that can severely impact your daily life. If you have a breakout on your arms and legs, you may cover your skin with long pants rather than wearing shorts on a hot day. If you experience a facial breakout, you may wear more makeup than usual or choose to stay in rather than going out to dinner with friends.

Rather than allowing psoriasis to change the way you live, use these simple tricks to combat those patches of dry, itchy skin cells. You can eliminate the symptoms rather than just living uncomfortably with them.

Wash Away Excess Cells

Psoriasis is caused by the accumulation of skin cells on specific areas of skin. The scale-like patches that appear are formed by these skin cells, so it makes sense that scrubbing away those cells will eliminate the patches and the itching that they cause. That’s true, but you have to do this gently or you can irritate the skin and make the problem even worse.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a Salt and Oil Scrub. Seacret™ makes this product from gentle ingredients that aren’t tested on animals, but it’s only safe for use below the neck. From the shoulders down, you can scrub your skin daily to continuously remove excess skin cells. When used consistently, you will slowly wear away the accumulation of skin cells currently affecting your skin while preventing them from returning in the future.

If you have psoriasis on your neck or scalp, you can use mineral salt to scrub dead skin cells from those areas safely. This is safe for daily application.

Help Psoriasis Symptoms by Hydrating from the Outside

Body Butter

You may drink a lot of water to keep your skin and other organs well hydrated, but that isn’t enough when psoriasis is on the attack to help psoriasis symptoms. You also need a powerful skin moisturizer that hydrates your skin cells directly. Seacret™ Body Butter is a good pick for mild as well as severe psoriasis because it offers a combination of cocoa butter and shea butter. It also adds minerals from the Dead Sea for added nourishment.

You can use this cream daily on your body from the shoulders down, so don’t limit it to areas currently affected by psoriasis scales.

Soak in Minerals

Add a mineral salt to your bath water to soak away some of those itchy scales. Iodized salt is a mineral salt, but you may find others that you prefer. While many other psoriasis remedies are only suitable for adults, this is a simple solution that you can employ for children as well. You can also use mineral and mud soaps to gently cleanse your skin, including areas affected by psoriasis.

Spot Treat with Mud

Mud from the Dead Sea is proven to hydrate the skin, but it also nourishes with natural minerals that your skin needs to remain healthy. What many psoriasis sufferers don’t realize is that they can treat scaled skin with a mud mask. Simply rub the mask on the affected areas of skin and let it sit for the amount of time recommended on the package. When it’s washed away, many of those accumulated skin cells will wash away with it, leaving the skin smoother and less irritated. Seacret™ makes two of the best facial mud masks on the market today, and you can use them on other areas of the body as needed.

One final tip: They also make shampoo and conditioner from Dead Sea mud, and it’s the best option you have for washing your hair when scalp psoriasis is the problem.

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Psoriasis Regimen Results

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