Athlete's Foot Care that Works

Athlete's Foot Care that Works

If you have ever struggled to find good athlete's foot care, you know what a problem it can be. Athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, often starts as a mild itch between your toes.

It can lead to a serious irritation that covers the entire foot if left untreated, and it can become infected if left untreated for too long. It’s best to care for the condition at the first sign of irritation, and you should consider ongoing care if you experience recurring bouts of the condition. While there are many products on the market that claim to cure the condition, many of them are ineffective. In order to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms and prevent future outbreaks, you need to follow the tips below.

Reconsider Your Shoes and Socks

This condition is often caused by trapping your feet in tight shoes and socks for an extended period of time. The feet get too hot and sweat and that moisture trapped against the skin can cause athlete’s foot. You may also get it by sharing a shower or bathroom surface, so wearing flip flops or light shoes while in dressing rooms may provide the protection you need. When exercising, make sure your shoes are well fitted to your foot and aren’t too tight. You may also consider moisture-wicking socks if sweaty feet are a serious problem for you.

Give Your Dogs a Soak

Add two tablespoons of mineral bath salts to warm water and soak your feet for approximately 10 minutes each day. Iodine salt from your kitchen is adequate, or you can use other mineral salts that are approved for use in the bath. This is a good way to cleanse and soften your feet, helping to relieve the athlete’s foot naturally.

Scrub with Salt and Oil

You can also scrub your feet with a mixture of salt and oil each day. This is best done with Seacret™ Salt and Oil Scrub because it contains the gritty ingredients needed to scrub away this condition as well as other natural ingredients needed to nourish and hydrate your feet. You can use this scrub daily, and it’s a great product to help prevent future rounds of athlete’s foot if you’re an active person who suffers from the condition routinely.

Treat with Tea Tree Oil

Foot Cream with Tea Tree Oil

Seacret™ makes a foot cream that includes this natural oil, or you can make your own by adding tea tree oil to your favorite lotion or cream. The goal is to hydrate the feet while taking advantage of the antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil. This will help relieve symptoms of athlete’s foot if you’re suffering from it right now, but daily application may also help you prevent future outbreaks.

Athlete's Foot Care with Daily Habits

If you suffer from recurring bouts of athlete's foot, consider behaviors and habits that may be contributing to the problem. You may need to spend more time barefoot to let your skin air out, especially if you’re very active during the day and your feet sweat a lot. You may also consider Botox injections or other minimally invasive treatments which can stop excess sweating from your feet. It may also be as simple as washing your feet better, wearing water shoes when in a shared bathroom, or soaking and scrubbing with mineral bath salts as a part of your daily grooming routine.

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