Best Lotions for Dry Skin in the Winter

Best Lotions for Dry Skin in the Winter

The best lotions for dry skin stand up to even the harshest elements because if your skin is going to dry out severely, it’s more likely to happen during the coldest months of the year.

The air becomes incredibly dry, leaving your skin deprived of moisture that comes naturally during warmer months. If you live in a climate where most of the year is dry and cold, you may have perpetually dry skin that is itchy and prone to earlier signs of aging. Regardless of where you live, the solution is always to use a daily moisturizer to give your skin what it needs to remain vibrant, tight and glowing.

Best Lotions for Dry Skin for the Face

Your facial skin is more sensitive than the skin on other areas of your body, so it makes sense to use a moisturizer designed for the face. The best product on the market right now is the Intensive Moisture Face Cream. This is the more advanced daily moisturizer offered from the Seacret™ blue product line, and it’s designed to continue hydrating throughout the day. There is an Intensive Moisture Night Cream if you prefer to complete your skin care routine before hitting the sack.

Best Lotions for Dry Skin for the Body

Body Butter

There is a basic body lotion that may suit your skin during warmer months, but the harsh winters demand nothing less than their Body Butter. This blend of shea butter and cocoa butter with infusions of Dead Sea minerals will nourish every pore of your body from the shoulders down. It’s safe for daily application and will help you fight dry, patchy skin that itches and destroys your youthful look.

Best Winter Lotion for Your Eyes

Do you get dry skin around your eyes during the winter? Seacret™ does make Essential Nutrition Eye Gel for use on the delicate skin in this area. Not only does it add some moisture so that you don’t suffer dry skin that makes you want to scratch your eye, but it also nourishes this tender skin for a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Best Winter Lotion for Anti-Aging Benefits

If you’re concerned about fine lines around the eyes or crow’s feet, you may opt to use the Age-Defying Refresh Moisturizer for your entire face. This is an intense moisturizer designed to keep the skin firm and clear of early signs of aging. If you don’t have severely dry skin, it may be all you need to keep your face moist during the winter while maintaining your youthful good looks.

What Else Can You Do?

In addition to using one of these lotions as part of your daily skin care regimen, consider using a hydrating mask a few times a week during the winter months. Seacret™ makes masks with Dead Sea mud, and they are the key to giving your skin that extra TLC that it needs during these dry months of the year. You can also use the mud mask on small areas of the skin that get extremely dried out. Just leave it on for up to two hours a few times a week.

Increasing the humidity in your home is also important if your skin gets severely dry in the winter. These simple machines add moisture to the air in your home, quenching the thirst of your pores while you sleep and relax with your family.

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