Is It Possible to Reduce Brown Spots on Skin Naturally?

Is It Possible to Reduce Brown Spots on Skin Naturally?

Brown spots on skin are one of the most frustrating skin flaws because they seem irreversible. You can’t scrub them off, and no amount of moisturizer is going to make them less prominent.

You may consider bleaching them out to make them less noticeable, but that requires applying harsh chemicals to your skin which may lead to more serious problems. You’re still likely to develop more brown spots in the future, requiring even more bleaching treatments. Not even laser treatments can prevent the development of these spots, but there are some natural ways to make them less obvious.

Lather on Extra Protection

Most brown spots on skin are caused by exposure to sunlight. While you need sunlight to produce vitamin D and get that tan glow that makes you look slimmer and healthier, too much exposure does damage the skin. Brown spots are just one representation of that damage, and you can often prevent them simply by using sunblock every time you step outdoors.

The sun is shining through the clouds even on an overcast day and it only takes a short period of exposure to put your skin at risk of damage, so consider using cosmetics with SPF and using sunblock on all exposed skin every time you leave the house. It may seem like overkill to protect your skin in this manner when you’re simply driving to the store, but it’s best to prevent damaging exposure if you want to combat the development of brown spots on skin.

Nourish and Hydrate to Avoid Brown Spots on Skin

Mud Soap

Dry or malnourished skin is more likely to fall victim to sunlight and other damaging pollutants found in our environment. Use natural products rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nourishing properties, and make sure that you stick with a skincare routine daily. Eating healthy foods and drinking at least eight glasses of water daily will also help hydrate and nourish your skin from within.

When cleansing your skin, consider using mud from the Dead Sea. You can use a simple mud soap on your entire body to cleanse impurities from your pores while nourishing with natural vitamins and minerals found in salts from the Dead Sea. Seacret makes a great mud soap that is safe for daily use on your entire body. If your brown spots are on your face, consider a Dead Sea mud mask as well.

Deeper Skin Remedies

While there is no topical skincare treatment that will reverse brown spots on the skin, you can use Seacret Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel to help lighten up the appearance of your spots. You may also want to apply a mud mask to the spots and leave it on overnight for a deeper treatment. You can use both of these products three times a week, but make sure you’re washing with mud soap on a daily basis to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Prevention is Best

No matter what you do to lighten the appearance of your current dark spots, preventing future spots is the best solution the problem. The more you protect your skin from sunlight and nourish your skin to prevent vitamin deficiencies, the less likely you are to develop future spots.

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