Natural Skin Foundation Choices

Natural Skin Foundation Choices

With so many chemical concoctions, what natural skin foundation choices are left? 

You take the time to seek out the highest quality skincare products to protect, nourish and energize your pores, but what about your makeup? Cosmetics are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to products with dangerous chemical ingredients. Foundation is one of the biggest concerns because it serves as the bottom layer, directly covering your sensitive pores. The ingredients in your foundation can serve as big threats to your health as they’re absorbed by your pores, or they can help you maintain your natural glow by providing nourishment.

The Safest Foundation

Once you start researching commercial foundations, you may be quite surprised at how few manufacturers have your best interests in mind. If you’re conscientious about the skincare products that you use on your face, you have to use the same level of discretion with this cosmetic product. In most cases, this will come down to making your own foundation at home.

Yes, it does take more work to make your foundation than to pick it up at a local store or order it online. It’s worth the effort because this is the only way to control the ingredients. In many cases, this is the only way to even know what you’re applying to your pores and allowing admittance to your body. If you have to know your cosmetics are safe, set aside one day a month or every couple of months to make your own products.

One added thought: you may be able to create a foundation shade that matches your skin color perfectly! That’s a major perk to creating something just for yourself.

How to DIY Natural Skin Foundation

You need two basic natural skin foundation ingredients to create foundation safe for your skin:

1.      A base that will cover your skin easily and healthfully

2.      A natural powder that will add color to the base

One good base is arrowroot powder. You can add cinnamon, cocao powder or nutmeg for color. You have to experiment to see what combination will closely match your skin color, so this may take some time. Once you find the exact formula for your skin, make sure to write it down.

If you have dark skin, use just one teaspoon of the base to create your powder foundation. For lighter skin, a tablespoon can be used. You may add a variety of natural oils, including almond and olive oils, to create a more compact powder. There are also recipes out there to add sunscreen to your homemade foundation, using all natural ingredients.

The simple recipe given here doesn’t take much time to throw together, and it’s even faster once you determine how to create the right color for your skin. If you don’t like the way the foundation rests on your skin, experiment with different oils until you find a consistency that is more in line with what you expect from your foundation.

The important thing is that you stick with natural ingredients. You still need to wash off your makeup at the end of each day and remain faithful to your daily skincare routine. That’s the only way to ensure the health your skin today and in the future.

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