Best Skin Care for Dry Skin

Best Skin Care for Dry Skin

Finding the best skin care for dry skin conditions can be frustrating. You might try many products before you find one that really works.

Dry skin often starts out as a minor irritant. It may affect you only during cold weather, or it may be something that you deal with on a daily basis year round. Regardless of why it occurs, it can quickly turn into a serious problem that causes severe itching and discomfort. The following tips will help you check your lifestyle for factors that cause or aggravate dry skin, and our recommendations at the bottom will give you tips on effective, safe products that can end the irritation once and for all.

Eliminate the Heat

If you have dry skin on your face, legs or other body parts, the last thing you need is a long soak in a hot bath or a night in the hot tub. Even resting by the fireplace can irritate your skin because the heat from the fire is directly absorbed into your skin. The solution is to simply turn down the heat when you shower and stay away from other heat sources that may impact your skin.

Eliminate Harsh Soaps & Cosmetics


If your skin seems to dry out easily and there’s nothing you can do to make it stop, the cause is potentially harsh chemicals in your body soap, hand soap, cosmetics and other products used directly on your skin. The solution is to switch to natural products that contain gentler ingredients. You may also need to seek out products that don’t contain fragrance because most fragrances are from artificial ingredients known to dry out the skin and cause irritation.

You can select your cosmetics for their nourishing and moisturizing properties. You may pay more for the higher-quality ingredients, but it’s worth the investment if it helps your facial skin stay moist and healthy.

Protect Your Skin When Cleaning

Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can dry out the skin on your hands or any other body part that they touch. You can fix this by switching to gentler products which are free of animal products and byproducts, but it’s still a good idea to wear gloves in order to protect your skin when cleaning with any type of product.

Stick to Your Routine

Once you find products created as skin care for dry skin that alleviate your dry skin and prevent the problem from returning, it’s important to follow a daily skin care routine faithfully. The best products are daily moisturizers that will protect your skin only as long as you’re using them consistently. Keep reading to learn about our recommended skin care products for dry skin and how you can use them to develop a consistent routine for the protection of your skin.

Recommended Skin Care for Dry Skin:

There are four qualities that will tell you a skin care product is good for your dry skin:

  • Paraben free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural ingredients

This last factor is important because it’s the quality of the ingredients that will ultimately determine the results you enjoy. For the care of dry skin, the best products are the moisturizing body lotion and facial masks from Seacret. The Essential Moisture Face Cream is a daily moisturizer that works well for mild to moderate dry skin on the face, but you may also consider the Intensive Moisture Face Cream if you struggle with a more advanced case of facial dry skin.

You should also use body mud to alleviate dry skin and nourish your skin with a rich mix of nutrients. While you will need a body lotion and facial moisturizer for daily use, a mud bath is a great way to give your skin a silky touch less frequently.

Regardless of your choice in skin care products, make sure you use a lotion or cream on your whole body immediately after your shower each day. When your skin is moist from the shower, your pores are better able to take in the moisture and added nutrients from your skin care product and trap the moisture where you need it most. You may use other products before bed or first thing in the morning, but moisturizing immediately after your shower should become part of your skin care routine.

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