Avoiding Animal Testing in Cosmetics

Avoiding Animal Testing in Cosmetics

You may decide to make it a goal to avoid animal testing in cosmetics. You no longer want to spend your hard-earned money on products that support the torture of animals through the testing process. You know the harm that comes to those animals, and you want to act as a conscientious consumer by supporting companies that use natural ingredients and that find more harmonious ways to test their ingredients.

The problem is that you don’t know which products are produced by companies that support animal testing. It’s not like they advertise their cruel testing procedures on their product labels, and many don’t do the testing themselves. So, what do you do?

Let PETA Tell You the Truth about Animal Testing in Cosmetics

You want to start shopping with eyes wide open. That means you don’t pick up products because they have attractive packaging or you want to smell like lilacs, roses and citrus fruits. You pick products based on the integrity of the company that put them on the market. The fastest and easiest way to do that is to use the Cruelty-Free search engine offered by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). You enter the brand or company name to determine whether a specific company uses animals in their testing process or buys ingredients that were tested on animals.

If you don’t have a specific product in mind, you can also search by product type. This will deliver a list of companies that make different types of products without the use of animal testing. You can then see what those companies have to offer to determine which product you ultimately want to buy.

See Through Deceptive Claims

How many times have you purchased a product because it said “not tested on animals” on the label? You may think you’re doing the world a bit of good by buying that product, but there’s a deception lurking with many of these products. While the overall product was not tested on animals, some of the ingredients used to make the product were probably tested on animals.

Technically, the company isn’t lying since the product as a whole was never tested on animals. Unfortunately, individual ingredients still harm animals when they’re tested in laboratories prior to being included in products.

You can see through these labels to find products that don’t include any ingredients that were tested on animals by studying parent companies. Big companies can have many different brand names on the shelves, and they can all include ingredients that the company or third-party facilities test on animals. If you find a parent company involved in this cruel practice, you then know to stay away from all brands produced by that company. You can use the PETA search function linked to above to identify these companies.

Question Your Favorites

This may be painful, but it’s the best place to start. Make a list of products that you love along with their parent company. Look up those companies and throw out any products that are produced by companies that test on animals. Find healthier replacement products, and never go back to your favorites again. While this may hurt at first, you’ll find that there are safer and more humane products that you’ll love just as much.

Stay Away from “New & Improved”

When you see cosmetic and beauty products advertising new and improved products that make use of advanced technology and new ingredients, you’re probably looking at a product that contains chemicals that are either in the process of being tested on animals, have been tested on animals in the past, or will be tested on animals in the future. When you read about these amazing “amino-peptide complexes” and “advanced formulas,” you’re reading about new chemical ingredients being introduced into the market. New chemicals require new animal testing in cosmetics, and that leads to the torture and slaughter of millions of animals.

If you have a natural product that works well, why replace with something new and twice as expensive? Find what works, stick to humane products, and then show your product loyalty. It will save you a lot of money as well as the lives of many animals as others catch on and do the same.

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