Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

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The best moisturizer for dry skin can mean the difference between painful, cracked skin and being healthy and pain free.

Dry skin is one of the most commonly suffered skin problems today and one of the easiest to develop. The outer layer of the skin is designed as a protective barrier for deeper layers of skin tissue. Not only does it take the majority of damage from sunlight exposure, but it also blocks pollutants from the environment from entering the body. This layer isn’t designed to absorb and maintain moisture, so it can dry out quite easily.

The sebaceous glands beneath the skin are responsible for producing sebum to keep that outer layer of skin hydrated. Unfortunately, many daily activities can strip away this natural oil, leaving your skin vulnerable to dryness. If you don’t care for your dry skin right away, it can worsen rapidly. Eventually, you may suffer from flaky or scale-like skin that’s itchy and irritated. If you scratch too much, you may create wounds which can become infected in extreme cases.

The best way to moisturize your dry skin to avoid more damaging consequences is to apply a deep moisturizer as part of your daily skin care regimen. Some moisturizers are better than others, so read below for highly recommended options.

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin on Your Face

Intensive Moisture Face Cream

Intensive Moisture Face Cream from Seacret™ is the best moisturizer for dry skin on your face. Facial skin is quite sensitive, so you don’t want to use moisturizing products on this area of the body. This product is designed to moisturize your skin thoroughly, and it’s safe for daily use. It will continue to hydrate your skin throughout the day, so the results are longer lasting than what you will experience with some other moisturizers.

If you prefer to apply your facial moisturizer at night, Seacret™ does make an Intensive Moisture Night Cream. It’s just as effective as the day cream, but it’s designed to work while you sleep. Consider your daily schedule when determining which of these creams will fit into your lifestyle best.

Best Dry Skin Moisturizer for the Body

If you have dry skin below the neck, Ocean Mist Body Butter is your best dry skin moisturizing option. Hydration is provided by a combination of shea and cocoa butter, but it also has natural minerals from the Dead Sea. These minerals nourish your skin so that you achieve a healthy glow in addition to a powerful tool to combat dryness.

Beyond Your Daily Regimen

The above products are perfect for combating dry skin through your daily skin care regimen, but there are some weekly products that you may use as extra tools to fight dry skin. One of the best is Seacret’s™ Body Mud. You can rub it on specific areas of skin that are dried out or just give yourself a complete mud bath to treat all of your skin. The mud contains vitamins and minerals straight from the Dead Sea and is designed to leave the skin super hydrated and unbelievably soft.

You can use this mud once a week or keep it in your arsenal for those rough patches of dry skin that break out occasionally. It’s important to maintain your daily skin care routine to ensure your skin remains hydrated and healthy on a daily basis. Those treatments are the most powerful against dry skin, so keep extra bottles of your preferred moisturizer on hand to prevent interruptions in your regimen.

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