Dry Facial Skin Can Prematurely Age You

Aging Dry Facial Skin

Your dry facial skin tends to stay a bit on the dry side, but is that really a big deal? Yes, it actually is a big deal.

You may argue that your skin has just always been that way or that it only gets seriously dry during the coldest months of the year or after you’ve been spending too much time in the sun, but there is no arguing your way out of the facts. Dry facial skin is a problem that you need to handle immediately because it can cause more problems the longer it’s left untreated.

Looking Older Despite the TLC

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why you look so old even though you take great care of your skin? It’s possibly due to the rough appearance of dry skin. Fresh, healthy skin radiates and glows because it’s well hydrated and nourished. Dehydration takes away some of the glow, and it destroys your natural good looks more and more as time moves on.

If your skin were depleted of a valuable nutrient, you would find a cream or serum to replenish that nutrient. Replenishing water is no different. You must find products that will lock in more moisture in a safe manner so that your radiating good looks are at their best each day.

Is Your Skin Sensitive?

If you have sensitive skin and it becomes dry, you could end up with a more serious condition known as dermatitis. The longer your skin is left dry, the higher your chances of developing a more serious problem. It’s much easier to treat a mild to moderate condition at home than to end up working with a medical professional for seriously inflamed skin that was left dry too long.

Are You Acne Prone?

Don’t assume that acne breakouts are only for those with oily skin. Dry skin can breakout as well, especially if you’re a woman experiencing hormonal fluctuations or a teenager. The problem is that acne is more likely to leave scars and damage the skin if the skin is overly dry. It’s also more likely to become infected because the dry skin will itch, and itching isn’t good when you have blemishes.

A Case of the Itchies

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin and you don’t suffer breakouts most of the time, dry skin is itchy. It can become flaky, making it more difficult to apply makeup that looks attractive and smooth. The more you itch or try to scrub away the flakes, the more likely your skin is to become irritated and inflamed. This can lead to an infection that requires medical intervention. That may seem extreme, but when your skin remains dry over an extended period of time that itchiness can have that impact.

A Simple Fix for Dry Facial Skin

Whether you suffer mild, moderate or severely dry skin, it’s important to use skin care products designed to cater to your skin type. The ingredients in these products will differ from those used in products for oily or normal skin. Hydrating the skin and applying ingredients that will help your pores lock in moisture more efficiently is easy, so there’s no excuse to let dry skin age you prematurely. It may be as simple as adding a hydrating mask to your skin care routine a few times a week!

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