Natural Cosmetic Products Are Better for Your Skin

Natural Cosmetic Products Are Better for Your Skin

There is a reason to choose natural cosmetic products over the rest of the choices. In fact, walk through the skin care aisle of any drug store and you’ll encounter a large selection of products in pretty packages all claiming to turn dull, drab skin into beautiful works of art.

Walk into another store across town and you’ll encounter even more products claiming to do much the same. Go online to chat with friends, and you’ll like encounter ads for even more products that aren’t sold through local stores. Department stores and online retailers offer even more cosmetic and skin care options, resulting in a massive market crowded with thousands of products from recognizable brands and little-known brands.

The problem with having so many options is that we’re bombarded with these products day and night. It’s easy to grab a new lipstick as you walk through the drug store to pick up a prescription and then add a concealer to your grocery cart as you look for ingredients for a new recipe. You mindlessly pick up these products without thinking beyond the pretty color or your desire for something new.

When you start to think more about the ingredients in these products, you’ll start to select your cosmetics with greater care. Not picking up random products as impulse buys will save you a lot of money so that you can afford to invest in higher-quality products that use natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin while adding the color, style and healthy glow that you desire.

Harsh Chemicals Do More Damage than Good

What if that pretty lipstick you encounter in the main aisle of the local pharmacy included the following label: Contains a Known Carcinogen. Would you still pick it up and carry it to the cash register? Probably not, but many cosmetic products do contain unnatural ingredients that have been identified as possible or known carcinogens. They’re found in these products because the cosmetic industry isn’t closely regulated and manufacturers are always searching for the cheapest ingredients to reduce shelf price and increase profits.

Some chemicals commonly used in cosmetic products are also linked to reproductive dysfunction, interference with the circulatory system and many other damaging side effects. The only way to ensure that you aren’t smearing these ingredients on your skin unknowingly is to look for products that favor natural ingredients proven to nourish and hydrate the skin without causing unnecessary harm. The majority of products on the market can potentially do more harm than good when used over a long period of time.

Going the Extra Mile

Imagine you’re sitting at a table with two pieces of exotic fruit in front of you. Your host tells you that fruit A was grown naturally in the Amazon while fruit B was created by scientists by extracting parts of two different fruits and fusing them together to create something new. Studies have been completed on fruit A and have proven that the fruit helps lower blood pressure and provides essential vitamins not found in fruit B, which has never been studied in any way.

Which fruit would you choose for breakfast? Natural products that have been extensively studied and well understood are simply safer than unnatural ingredients that are possibly cheaper but haven’t been as well analyzed and understood. This is the same thing you encounter when you compare cosmetics. If you wouldn't put fruit B in your child's lunchbox, you probably should put most cosmetic products on your child's skin or your own.

Natural cosmetic ingredients are easy to research and understand while others are quite scary when you do the research. Natural ingredients will also nourish and soothe your skin while doing the same functional job as unnatural ingredients. You get bright colors and fun products to create your unique look, but you also get peace of mind and an added dose of nutrition that benefits your pores more with natural cosmetic products.

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