See Proven Results With Before and After Skin Care Photos

Before and after skin care photos are probably the best way to decide for yourself which products are worth purchasing.

This page is dedicated to showing the results people have had with products containing natural ingredients and are free of animal testing.


Im sure all of us has suffered from acne at some point in our lives. I know I did when I was in my teen years and even still breakout from time to time.

Acne regimen hard at work

This lady has ditched her prescribed acne medicine and started using Seacret products. She is very happy with the results. Oh I almost forgot to mention, she is deaf so the products did all the talking!

Anti Aging

The best skin care for aging skin will deliver results weeks and months down the line if you use them consistently, but they will also deliver some immediate benefits.

Skin Care for Aging Skin

Expect to see serious results when being consistent with an anti aging regimen from Seacret

Aging Neck Line

Everyone needs to treat their neck like their face. Think of this every time you are apply skin care products to your face.

Aging Neck Line

This is the result of using Seacret's™ Recover Masque and Body Butter.

Anti-Aging Eyes

Consistency with natural aging skin care products is truly the secret to aging beautifully.

Anti-Aging Eyes

This is the result of Seacret's™: 

  • Recover Masque
  • Age-Defying Face Serum
  • Age-Defying Eye Serum
  • Age-Defying Moisturizer

Baby Eczema 

A very difficult thing in life is watching your baby suffer from eczema. Good thing that there are natural products you can use to ease their discomfort.

Baby Eczema

Consistent use of the Body Butter or the Balancing Facial Serum from Seacret™ will comfort your child's pain from eczema. 


Some skin care products contain ingredients that cause irritation upon contact. These irritations cause itchiness and are know as contact dermatitis.

Before and After Skin Dermatitis Results

This person used mud soap and body butter for two days. He was very impressed with the results.

Dry Skin on Feet

This is very common among people. Usually we tend to neglect the bottoms of our feet and leave them until they get very dried out and cracking. 

Dry Feet

With a few applications of the Salt and Oil Scrub and the foot cream with tea tree oil, you can expect to have similar results to the photo above.

Natural Eczema Relief


Psoriasis riddles your skin with dry, itchy patches that make you want to scratch. Scratching makes the problem worse and can lead to infection.

This is the result of using the Salt and Oil Scrub along with the Body Butter from Seacret™. I could tell you a thousand ways why natural ingredients might help your skin problems, but a picture says it all.


A rash is a very common skin problem that people have to deal with. If left for too long it will get worse and spread.

Irritating Rash

The overnight results from this photo is from washing the rash with mud soap.

Take Your Own Before and After Skin Care Photos To Win!

At Gentle Skin Solutions we love seeing the results people have from the products we recommend. 

If you are an existing VIP customer and would like to share your own results with a small testimonial and before and after skin care photos we would like to offer you a chance to win a free sample regimen shipped to your doorstep.

To start, simply fill out the skin type and regimen form. If you already know your skin type then just fill out the regimen form. Once you have ordered your regimen take some pictures of what is affecting your skin. When there are definite results from the recommended products, take some more photos.

Please contact me when you would like to submit your testimonial and photos. 

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